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May 2024 – Optionality: Navigating Uncertainty in Today's Markets

Optionality provides the flexibility to seize opportunities and mitigate risks, often undervalued by the market, leading to mispriced high-potential companies. In this webinar, CIO Dave Iben and Deputy CIO Alissa Corcoran discuss how active investors can leverage optionality for value.

July 2023 – Celebrating 10 Years of Independent Thought

The last decade has been fulfilling—not because it has been kind to value investors—but because we’ve gained strength and wisdom, experienced fascinating times, and found ourselves in a place where we believe the portfolios we manage are well-positioned to add significant value over the next decade.

February 2024 – The Clockwork CIO Podcast Featuring CIO Dave Iben

CIO Dave Iben joined The Clockwork CIO podcast to discuss his leadership style, his thoughts on risk, and the mentors who shaped his success in the investment industry.

November 2023 – Wealthion Podcast Featuring CIO Dave Iben

CIO Dave Iben spoke on Wealthion's investing series about the current inflationary concerns and how inflation impacts assets differently. Tune in to uncover his perspectives on gold, uranium, and lithium, and gain valuable insights into the risks and opportunities in mining stocks.

February 2023 – In it to Win it Podcast Featuring Alissa Corcoran

Deputy CIO Alissa Corcoran sat down with Steve Barton, host of the In it to Win it podcast, to discuss value investing, inflation, emerging markets abroad and analyze the trends in commodities such as gold, platinum, and uranium.

April 2022 – Managing Geopolitical Risk in a Portfolio

A discussion on managing geopolitical risk in a global portfolio, apropos current events. It is Kopernik’s belief that today’s world almost requires that a considerable part of portfolios be allocated to emerging markets to provide refuge from the perils of significant overvaluations....

March 2021 – Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Kopernik's President Neda Yarich hosted a discussion on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) with Chief Investment Officer and Lead Portfolio Manager Dave Iben and Director of Research/Analyst Alissa Corcoran.

June 2020 – Value Invest Interview (Part 1)

Kopernik CIO Dave Iben was interviewed by Robert Hunter from Value Invest.

June 2020 – Value Invest Interview (Part 2)

Kopernik CIO Dave Iben was interviewed by Robert Hunter from Value Invest.

May 2020 – Russell Investments

Kopernik CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager Dave Iben sat down with Russell Investments to discuss the case for investing beyond the U.S. Originally presented at a Russell Investments event for institutional investors.

November 2019 – Value Investing TV

Value Investing TV interviews CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager Dave Iben in Munich, Germany, and discuss why is he investing in hydroelectric power stations, uranium & gold.

December 2017 – Investec

Investec sits down with CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager Dave Iben to discuss why the best time to buy resources is when people don’t like them.

August 2017 – Investec

Dave Iben, CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager of Kopernik was part of The Investec Wealth Forum panel: Growth and Value Investing – an investor’s perspective.

Soft Close

Join us for the Q2 2024 Conference Call on July 25 at 4:15 pm ET.

Watch the replay of the Optionality webinar held on May 16.

Kopernik has soft-closed the Kopernik Global All-Cap Fund to new investors effective June 1, 2023.

Kopernik Founder and CIO Dave Iben received the 2023 Fund Manager Lifetime Achievement Award* from the London Value Investor Conference.

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Soft Close

Iben Insights: In Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, CIO Dave Iben builds upon his previous commentary, Money, using Argentina’s economic history and our recent visit there as an analogue to spark a discussion on unlocking investment opportunities amidst the rising inflationary environment. (Feb 2024)

Kopernik Perspective: In her year-end letter, Deputy CIO Alissa Corcoran warns of extreme market sentiment, comparing it to the 1960s-70s. Despite the U.S. momentum market’s success, Kopernik seeks opportunities in overlooked areas like real assets and EMs. She advises investors to sell to optimists, emphasizing the importance of fundamentals in decision-making. (Jan 2023)

Iben Insights: CIO Dave Iben explores money’s essence, debasement’s impact, and looming inflation from government debt. Despite inflationary pressures, investors seeking potential asymmetric returns may thrive in this landscape. (Dec 2023)



Soft Close

Super Terrific Happy Hour with Stephanie Pomboy and Grant Williams Podcast: Dave Iben discusses how the bifurcated market presents opportunities in real assets in an inflationary environment. (Oct 2023) 

Value Investor Insight Interview: CIO Dave Iben and Deputy CIO Alissa Corcoran discuss the unique opportunities present in heavily discounted companies with scarce and necessary assets. (Feb 2023) 

Kopernik Profiled – Provocative, Patient, Contrary: Welling on Wall St. editor sat down with CIO Dave Iben and Deputy CIO Alissa Corcoran for a profile on Kopernik. (Feb 2023)


Our Namesake

Mikolaj Kopernik, better known by the Latin spelling, Nicolaus Copernicus, proposed the heliocentric model of the universe in the early 1500s. What interests us is that he trusted his own observations instead of accepting what “everyone” thought to be true. He faced scorn for his “novel and incomprehensible” theses. Though primarily an astronomer, Kopernik also set forth a version of the “quantity theory of money,” a principal concept in economics to the present day. He also formulated a version of Gresham’s Law, predating Gresham.

As independent thinkers, Kopernik Global Investors honors Mikolaj Kopernik in the contemporary investment world. We believe that accomplished investors who trust their own analyses and instincts can generate significant excess returns as a result of market inefficiencies driven by erroneous professional and academic theories and practices.