Guiding Principles

Kopernik is committed to managing the highest quality investment portfolios. We view this as the likely long term product of a superior philosophy, quality people, and a value enhancing process and culture.

  • Philosophy: Doing a solid job of appraising businesses enables us to take advantage of market inefficiencies, which in turn, allows us to realize superior investment returns over the long term
  • People: We employ people who possess a high level of integrity and have faith and conviction in our philosophy. They have the passion, aptitude, a positive attitude, curiosity, conceptual understanding, and team orientation required to contribute to our process and fit into our culture
  • Process: We consistently apply bottom-up, fundamental research in a creative, yet diligent, manner that adheres to our “value as a prerequisite” approach. Risk management is taken very seriously using an approach that is absolute (vs. relative), viewed on a portfolio basis (vs. a single security basis) and focuses on minimizing the risk of permanent loss of purchasing power (vs. career risk).