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Kopernik Perspective: Gold (PDF)
Alissa Corcoran, Kopernik Analyst, discusses Kopernik’s view on gold, its unique history, and the global opportunities Kopernik is finding in the industry.

Kopernik Perspective: Russia – It’s not me, it’s you (PDF)
Steve Rosenthal, Kopernik Analyst, and Mark McKinney, CFA, Kopernik Analyst and Portfolio Manager discuss Kopernik’s approach to assessing the risk and opportunity of investing in Russian equities.

Analyst Commentary – October 2014 (PDF)
Mark McKinney, CFA, Kopernik Analyst and Portfolio Manager discusses our investment philosophy and process in more detail, with some specific examples, and how our approach leads to low correlation versus the benchmark and competition in the Global Value space.

Analyst Commentary – October 2013 (PDF)
Mark McKinney, CFA, Kopernik Technology Analyst and Portfolio Manager, discusses how the land of technology investing is always a challenge, driven by fast changing life cycles and venture capital backed start-ups aiming at entrenched businesses. Unlike other industries, where it is a little easier to spot long term winners, tech is full of companies that used to be winners but are now in long term decline with no obvious way back.