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Fund Objective


The Fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in publicly-held businesses of all market capitalizations across the world.


Fund Highlights


  • The Fund will invest primarily in equity securities, with the ability to invest up to 10% in fixed income and other asset types in order to opportunistically take advantage of market inefficiencies.
  • The Fund may invest in any country, market, and sector/industry across the market capitalization range within the Fund’s predefined investment guidelines.
  • Proven philosophy and process designed to capitalize on fear and greed.
  • Intensive, original research leads to deep understanding of portfolio holdings.
  • Risk is viewed on an absolute term and defined as permanent loss of capital/purchasing power.
  • Opportunistic portfolio with typically low correlation to other managers.


Fund Facts


Class                     A                      I                                                                    

Ticker                     KGGAX                        KGGIX

CUSIP                    00766Y315        00766Y299

Fiscal Year End       10/31                10/31

Benchmark              MSCI ACWI      MSCI ACWI

Inception Date         Nov. 1, 2013     Nov. 1, 2013


Portfolio Manager


David B. Iben, CFA

Fund Manager since inception. David Iben is the Managing Member and Founder of Kopernik Global Investors, LLC, with 32 years of industry experience. He serves as the Chief Investment Officer and Lead Portfolio Manager.  More info