Kopernik Global Unconstrained

The Kopernik Global Unconstrained strategy may be offered by Kopernik in various investment vehicles, including separate accounts and privately offered funds. More information is available upon request.

Kopernik’s investment philosophy is centered on the belief that market inefficiencies present numerous opportunities to identify businesses that we believe are mispriced. The Firm utilizes bottom-up fundamental analysis to gain a thorough, forward-looking understanding of a company's business and valuation.

Kopernik Global Unconstrained is a long/short equity strategy that seeks capital appreciation by positioning shares of businesses across the world and among all market capitalizations that trade at significant differentials (discounts or premiums) to their risk-adjusted intrinsic values.

Global Unconstrained Strategy Guideline Maximums (at purchase):

  • Issuer weight (long)  5%
  • Issuer weight (short)  3%
  • Fixed Income  30%
  • Industry weight  25%
  • Sector weight  30%
  • Country weight 35%
  • Emerging Market 40%

Kopernik defines Emerging Markets to include all emerging and frontier markets and countries that may not be classified as developed by MSCI.

Kopernik Global Unconstrained Tear Sheet