Portfolio Characteristics & Allocations


Top Ten Holdings
Gazprom OAO GDR 3.7%
Newcrest Mining 3.6%
Cameco Corp 3.3%
ERG SpA IM 2.8%
Federal Hydro ADR 2.7%
Barrick Gold 2.6%
Centrais Eletricas Bras SA ADR 2.5%
Federal Grid Co GDR 2.3%
Japan Steel Works 2.3%
Uranium Particpiation 2.2%
Total Percent in Top Ten Holdings 28.0%


Top Five Country Allocation
Canada                                         23.0%
Russia 11.2%
Japan 6.3%
United States 5.1%
Italy 4.2%


Allocation By Sector
Consumer Discreationary 0.0%
Consumer Staples 0.0%
Energy 0.0%
Financials 0.0%
Health Care 0.0%
Industrials 0.0%
Information Technology 0.0%
Materials 0.0%
Telecommunications 0.0%
Utilities 0.0%
Cash and Cash Equivalents 0.0%


Portfolio Characteristics
Number of Issuers 59  
Capitalization (millions)    
Weighted Average    
Trailing P/E    
Trailing P/CF    
Trailing P/B    
Trailing P/TBV    
Trailing EV/S    
As a % of total portfolio market value


Unless noted otherwsie, as a percentage of total net assets as of November 30, 2013. These positions may change over time without notice. The positions listed are not recommendations to buy or sell.