10 for 10

A Collection of Investment Commentaries Celebrating a Decade of Independent Thought


A Value Investor’s Reflections on a Unique Decade (Jan 2023)

As the firm approaches its 10-year anniversary, CIO Dave Iben reaffirms Kopernik’s unchanging philosophy and process and describes opportunities we are finding as we enter our second decade.


Kopernik Profiled | Tampa Bay Business Journal

In honor of our 10-year anniversary, Kopernik was profiled in a story by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Our Founder and CIO Dave Iben and President Neda Yarich discussed Kopernik’s success, growth, and why it has always paid to be a contrarian investor.

President Neda Yarich was also profiled by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, where she discussed our firm’s 10-year milestone, her professional trajectory, and why proper ESG integration requires a certain amount of critical thinking.