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< span style="font-family:"\;Times New Roman"\;\,serif\;color:black" >Please join David Iben\, Chief Investment Officer &\; Lead Portfolio M anager of Kopernik Global Investors\, LLC for a quarterly conference call.

First Quarter 2021 \;Con ference Call:

Date: \; Thursday\, April 22\, 2021
Time: \; 4:15 PM ET
Topic: \;Kopern ik
1 st Quarter 2021 Conference Call
Toll Free USA/Canada: \; 800.353.6461  \;Passcode: 436367 5
iPhone one-tap: \;+18003536461\,\,4363675#
Inter national: +1 334.323.0501 \;  \; \;Passcode: 4363675
iP hone one-tap: \;+13343230501\,\,4363675#

< p class="MsoNormal">
To view the presentation live\, pleas e go to \; \;during \;the call. \;

Fifteen minutes before the call\, the
1st Quarter presentation w ill be available \;on our \; News &\; Views \;page.

Please dial in 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the con ference. A \;transcript and a \;replay of the call will be availab le at \;  \;within 5 days after the event.